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Moonlight Strangers


A new play on stories of Queer migrants and belonging

November 2019

Camden People’s Theatre


The project was proudly supported by a leading equality and diversity charity METRO 

We are all walking in the light of the same Moon no matter where we are. We are the Moonlight Strangers. 

Big Boots Theatre Company is embarking on an ambitious new theatre project Moonlight Strangers, a project that aims to explore the themes of identity, sense of belonging and integration of queer migrant community in London.  Moonlight Strangers is a development of our pilot project Living Latino from 2018 which presented stories of queer Latino men affected by HIV.  

Influenced by inspiring testimonies from people who form a part of minority within the minority we work to create a story that sends a message of acceptance, openness, tolerance and celebration of our differences in the world where the borders are closing. 


Director - Sebastian Palka

Producer - Jose Reyes Canseco

Dramaturg - Adam Hypki

Set and Costume design Tina Torbey and Marta Licwinko

Special thanks to Steve Turton for helping us developing the title of the show. 

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