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First performed in 1956, Look Back in Anger portrays four young people struggling to establish principles in a society in which politics, social and sexual attitudes seem disconcertingly unresolved and shifting values impossible to pin down, even worthless.

Jimmy, disillusioned by the strictures of working-class life, turns his existential anguish against his beloved, upper-class wife, Alison, forever tittering between love and hate. Although he thinks hatred can keep everyone alive it risks ultimately to destroys him and everyone around.

Look Back in Anger is a reaction against stagnation in everyday life; a reaction against indifference and habit, tradition and inequality. This malaise finds expression in the manipulation of feelings, constant changes of moods and brutal honesty.


Director - Sebastian Palka

Set Designers - Marta Licwinko and  Tina Torbey 

Costume Designer - Radvilé Kisieliute

Lighting Designer - Jordan Rhys Moffatt

Stage Manager - Scott Willans

Production Assistant - Matthew Chamberlain

Photography and media design - Nicolas Chinardet

Trumpet - Lucy Ellis

Casting - Kris Webb

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