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Big Boots Theatre

Big Boots Theatre Company

I was 15 years old when I had a dream. It was about a boy wearing big boots, far too big for him. The boy felt very self conscious about the way they looked. Wandering around the streets he was trying to hide. He did not understand that being different is a strength and that there are people out there who will appreciate us for our differences….

In 2008 I turned that story into a screenplay for a short film. Now this story is about a boy who looks for his identity in this cruel and sometimes overwhelming world. The boy is innocent but confused and naive. He has not yet discovered the strength that lies within and that the search for happiness lies in his own hands. He is yet to recognise that he is the most valuable person in his world. It is a story of self discovery, revelation, acceptance and the struggle to live your dreams but most importantly the story about searching for freedom. Sometimes we are simply distracted, searching for something we think we want instead of what we really need, not realising that being who we are is ultimately what sets us free.

These ideas have become the foundation for the Big Boots Theatre Company Ltd, and underline its mission and commitment to Equality and Diversity. We believe that being different is an asset and we want to support that by creating an environment where theatre makers can be free to follow their dreams and true self. A place where passion, talent and commitment are respected, valued and appreciated. 

Artistic Director Sebastian Pałka

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