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Where is Tom?

a story of a lonely man wrestling for fulfilment

Where is Tom? is a story about a Polish immigrant Tomasz Kowalski. Tom runs away from homophobia and loneliness in Poland and travels to London in pursuit of freedom, happiness and fulfilling life. Intensified by discrimination and feeling of loss, Tom’s unresolved emotional issues push him deeper into depression and chaos. In the last attempt to not give up, Tom travels in his memory to the key moments that changed the course of his life. He learns that redemption lies in his mother’s unconditional love.

This will be a new play devised from hundreds of stories from friends or strangers met during Sebastian’s 15 years living in London. Theatrical expedition into a mind full of memories.

We soon will be looking for a range of theatre professionals (movement director, writers, set and costume designers) to join the team to work on the play and deliver it to one of the London's intimate fringe venues. Feel free to contact Sebastian if this story means anything to you, you wish to contribute with your story or you simply would like to get involved.  

Watch this page for more info soon. 

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