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Researcher Moonlight Stranger project 2019 and beyond


The Company is embarking on an ambitious new theatre project Moonlight Strangers. A project that aims to explore the themes of identity, sense of belonging and integration by working directly with the underrepresented queer migrant community in London.  Moonlight Strangers is a development of our pilot project Living Latino which presented stories of queer Latino men affected by HIV.  Moonlight Strangers will be open to anyone who identifies as a queer migrant and has English as a second language. The company will work with 10 – 15 participants from the queer migrant community and at the end of the project professional actors will build a play coming from the stories and analysis. 

To help build this analysis and to add value, meaning and a lasting legacy to the project we indent to imbed research within Moonlight Strangers. We are therefore looking to collaborate with a researcher who is interested in and preferably has some experience in Queer or LGBT+ studies and theatre practice.  Strong interest in migration studies is a bonus. Due to the nature of the project the researcher should have an understanding of working with vulnerable people on sensitive subjects. 


We see this as a collaboration and will be open to suggestions from the researcher on potential research dilemmas, however, we will like to see topics in line with the project’s themes - identity, sense of belonging and integration. We are open to explore different interview methods, but we expect to use face to face interviews and online surveys.  There will be opportunity for a researcher to observe the process of making a show.


We are looking for research to start any time around  spring 2020.  The show was scheduled late November 2019 but we are developing a bigger version of Moonlight Strangers for around July/August 2020. We are happy to negotiate the working hours. We are happy to pay your expenses and unfortunately, we cannot offer a payment at the moment for this work. Rehearsals and workshops will take place in London area (Vauxhall).  


We would like to interview potential candidates in an informal chat with the Artistic Director of the company Sebastian Palka. Please apply directly on with a short introductory email.


There is no deadline for applications. The Moonlight Strangers project will be an ongoing project throughout 2020

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